We are a leading securities firm in Henan with a full-service business platform and strategic presence in the PRC. We are a securities firm registered and headquartered in Henan, which is the most populous province in China with the highest GDP among the 18 provinces in the central and western regions of China. Through over 11 years of operating history, we have developed a deep insight into the Henan securities market and built sound relationships with local government authorities, corporations and retail clients, thereby establishing a strong local advantage and brand recognition compared to our competitors, which we refer to as our “Henan Advantage.”

We operate our business primarily in Henan, whose GDP accounted for approximately 5.7% of China’s GDP in 2013. Henan has considerable potential for securities industry development. As of December 31, 2013, the securitization ratio (total market capitalization of domestically listed companies divided by nominal GDP) in Henan was 13.7%, far behind the national average of 42.1%. Henan government authorities have placed strong emphasis on the development of local capital markets and intend to facilitate corporate financing by qualified corporations through IPOs, secondary offerings and bond offerings, and to build a Regional OTC Board to promote a multi-tiered capital market system. We intend to leverage our “Henan Advantage” to capitalize on the potential for securities industry development in Henan, as well as the abundant business opportunities emerging from the fast-growing capital markets in China.